The Essence of Business

2021.04.08 / Viewpoint

The Essence of Business


Today’s world is commercial at every corner, whether it’s entrepreneurs, regular enterprises, or big cooperations, they are all constantly producing new concepts and business models. Each eager to create opportunities and seize benefits in this war zone of an industry.

Times are changing, and are the essence of business following this change? From an economical perspective, the supply and demand relationships remain universal. The exchange of goods and services, wants and motives are simple, but as society progresses, desires become more diversified, and business operations become more abundant. However, for a long time, the rules of commercial value creation have not changed, and the key is the fundamental consumption motivation of human beings.


In other words, the essence of business is the essence of humanity, humanity motivates the progression of business, humanity’s desires are endless, and therefore business is endless.

The key in success for business innovation is whether we can ask the right questions and find its corresponding answers. If we can understand the essence of humanity, we will be able to retrieve more valuable insight. What is human nature? What are people’s needs? For hundreds of years, there are some things that have never changed for humans, such as the shape of their head, hands, and feet. People need hats, clothes, shoes, and though fabric and form might have changed, the essence never has. The only differences are through brands and function. That’s why we’ll never see a three-legged pair of pants, three-armed T-shirt, because that would just be antihuman.  


Commercialism functions as a necessity to fulfill the needs of humanity, Even if only to meet the preferences of some groups, there will be a niche market. In fact, many business models, marketing, product design and experience design are based on certain characteristics of human nature. The rise of e-commerce and the prevailing lazy economy are the best examples.


The external environment has changed, the way people interact with each other has changed, but the essence of human nature has not changed. Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory well explains the desire of human nature.

From some social catering cases that have sprung up in recent years, we have observed that many young people go to this type of restaurant for consumption not only because of the dishes, but also because they like the social atmosphere created by the restaurant. After being warmly welcomed by the boss or store manager, they all like to take their friends to the restaurant, hoping to receive special treatment. Through this method, the restaurant not only satisfies the consumer’s eating needs, but also allows people to harvest the feeling of being valued and respected.

The main focus of business activities is the "people", and it is also the "people" that connect every session. All business models, product functions and service experience design must follow human nature. Only enterprises that have a deep insight into human nature and try their best to meet their needs will have the opportunity to become winners within the market. Therefore, no matter how innovative a technology is, it is difficult to succeed in the business field by only rational technical thinking. On the contrary, if human nature is the core, technological innovation can play a higher value for business success.

How to revitalize an aging brand? How to reorient the brand for new competitors? How to bring better experience to consumers? How to make employees identify with and feel enthusiasm for the brand?


When brand managers can put aside the phenomenon to see the essence, observing from the needs of human nature, enterprises will then have the opportunity to transform insight into business growth.


However, when enterprises seek innovation internally, they often face difficulties. People will be limited by the internal norms of the enterprise and easily get stuck within their original perspectives. This is why brands often create more suitable solutions by cooperating with external teams in business innovation.

For a professional business consulting and design team, in addition to the ability to quickly understand and study the integration of different industries in simple terms,

More importantly, members need to truly empathize with people's biological and psychological needs, understand the mechanism of rational and perceptual cognition, find the real needs of users through early effective research, and then use professional design ability to help enterprises achieve solutions and achieve business success.


In the past 30 years, Working Images has helped hundreds of global enterprises to create unique branding experiences, pushing forth their business growth. We have rich experience in building brand, improving customer experience and promoting business innovation. Combined with our insight into human nature and expertise in brand strategy and design, we can help enterprises achieve better short-term and long-term performance growth.

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The Essence of Business

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