Domaine Franco-Chinois

Domaine Franco-Chinois that delivers a good times in fine wines

01 Brand origin


A unique brand in the Chinese wine industry which not only occupies the hearts of Chinese wine lovers, but also became a benchmark for winemakers to make high-quality wines. It is a model of Chinese fine wine making - Domaine Franco-Chinois.


The logo of the Domaine Franco-Chinois is composed of the national flowers of the two countries-Chinese Peony and French Iris, representing the greatest expectation of a close cooperation between China and France.

In order to adapt to the application of different media, 3 versions of the logo are provided, the original version (Original), simplified version (Simplified) and graphic version (Graphic) to achieve the best display effect.

02 Branding challenges


After 20 years of deep cultivation, Domaine Franco-Chinois wine has achieved the ultimate expression under local conditions. Although Domaine Franco-Chinois has gained a good reputation in the industry, how to establish a higher brand awareness and enhance brand experience in the public mind is what the brand needs to think about.

After knowing the demands of the brand, Working Image team went on a field trip to Huailai, Hebei Province to visit the Domaine Franco-Chinois in order to understand its strict and meticulous planting management and exquisite brewing technology, and feel the profound brand culture behind the Domaine Franco-Chinois.

After experiencing the brand connotation on the spot and having in-depth interviews with the management team, we started to re-organize the brand DNA of Domaine Franco-Chinois, and on this basis, extended development was made to give it more success in the market.

03 Establish brand core


The brand recognition system of Domaine Franco-Chinois was established at the beginning of the brand establishment. Even though at present, it is still classic and meticulous, but there are clearly some parts that cannot adapt to the current brand development. After reviewing the brand status of Domaine Franco-Chinois, we redefine the brand positioning so that Domaine Franco-Chinois can gain a differentiated advantage in the market; clarify the brand's mission and vision, and clarify the basic strategy for brand development. The unique personality of the brand resonates with consumers through emotional relationships in brand communication, and the brand recognition system is adjusted to adapt to the use of multiple media.

04 Application of new brand foundation


With the repositioning of brand foundation as the core, the brand and product manual have been developed. The new brand manual is exquisite and elegant which express the brand culture of Domaine Franco-Chinois.

In order to further assist Domaine Franco-Chinois in its first marketing needs after the 20th anniversary of it’s establishment, the team pointed out the selling point of the products, and presented the product highlights of Domaine Franco-Chinois one by one so that every user reading the Domaine Franco-Chinois product manual can simply and intuitively purchase the desired wine.

05 Social marketing


As a brand that needs to convey its own brand voice, social media is undoubtedly one of the necessary channels. Through social media, the brand can transmit the brand concept, listen and interact with the consumers, constantly enhancing the stickiness between the brand and consumers.


Before the brand communication of social media, we must first determine who to say, what to say, how to say, how to meet the needs of users, bring value to users and help them solve problems. Based on the thinking framework from the perspective of users, we have formulated wechat operation plan for Domaine Franco-Chinois to guide the content dissemination of brands in the important position of social marketing.

As an important window for the social media promotion of a brand, WeChat is also an indispensable brand touch point. It is also necessary to establish a visual system in line with brand positioning. Therefore, in view of the characteristics of the WeChat platform, we have made the visual standard of the official account for Domaine Franco-Chinois to maintain the consistency of the brand tone. For key information such as brand stories and product introductions, more delicate images and texts are used, and more interactive content is added to enhance the reading experience of users.



Domaine Franco-Chinois, which has been accumulating strength for 20 years, will continue to unveil its mysterious veil and share with the public the unique charm of China's top wine. In the future, Working Image team will continue to carry out more follow-up brand marketing and promotion projects for Domaine Franco-Chinois. Please look forward to it.

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