CouCou Hotpot

CouCou hotpot, where you will be blessed with happiness

Brand background


As a famous online brand in the hot pot industry in recent years, CouCou has rapidly become the leading brand in the hot pot industry with it’s innovative business model of ‘hot pot with tea break” concept. For continous brand improvement, CouCou continues to explore how to provide consumers with innovative brand experience. In addition to bringing more pleasant surprises to consumers, it also strengthens the creation of themed dining experiences. In addition to innovation on the consumer side, Coucou will also speed up its overseas expansion in the future.


The current brand identity image has certain limitations in terms of the universality of various stores and its application in different countries. Therefore, how to adjust the brand image to meet the rapid development of the brand has become a prerequisite for it’s expansion. Working Image is assisting to upgrade the CouCou brand, from re-exploring the core positioning of the brand to planning a matching brand vision for it, helping the brand establish a more international, brighter and more differentiated image.

Core brand strategy


Using a thorough research in the industry to understand the current situation and dynamics of external stakeholders; from users’ interview to learn consumer needs, pain points, and aha moment, combined with in-depth interviews with senior management to establish a strategic route for brand development.


In contrast to other brands in the same industry that only focus on the product itself, CouCou hopes to bring consumers not only a good dining experience, but also a joyful experience. Just as CouCou’s brand mission “promote emotional communication and create a happy life" states, how to create "happiness" for consumers is the value proposition that the brand insists on.


If brand strategy is the rational expression of brand value, then brand visual image is the perceptual expression of brand value. The main task of brand vision is to convey the core of communication defined by brand strategy in a more intuitive image, so that consumers can gain resonance. Therefore, based on the core of "happiness", we transform the brand strategy into a perceptible visual image.

Brand visual identity


CouCou new logo simplifies the lines of the original logo and removes redundant details. The design is more in line with design trends and international brands, and the lines tend to be simple to enhance modernity. As for color, a more fashionable rose gold was chosen, which is reminiscent of beautiful things and the gentleness of fashion.


The original meaning of the word "Cou" refers to people gathering by the water. The new logo echoes the original meaning. The graphic elements are taken from the three letters C, O, and U, which means people with open arms and cheering at the party. In addition, it is more cleverly integrated into the traditional Chinese philosophy of Tian Yuan and the dynamic lines that represent CouCou hot pot.


Extracting U from the new logo as a basic element, a series of auxiliary graphics are developed to represent customer-centricity of the CouCou brand. Coucou attaches great importance to every "U" with you.


According to consumer research, most customers remember the current brand name rather than the logo. By redefining the ratio of the two and how they are used, consumers are guided to focus more on the logo of the brand. Graphics is a common language all over the world. When graphics become a symbol of a brand, it will greatly reduce the cost of brand communication in different countries.

Based on the "U" shape of the logo, the corresponding auxiliary graphics are extended. Using the concept of the gathering of multiple people, the irregular arrangement represents diverse combinations.

It can be used in all touch points and applications in brand communication to further emphasize brand characteristics and maintain the relevance and unity of the visual image.

The "U"-shaped pattern can be used as an auxiliary graphic as well as a cheering arm graphic. Based on the development of this concept, in addition to the series of character illustrations, different individuals get together to convey the happiness of being together.

CouCou new menu experience


After the upgrade of Coucou's brand image, all of Coucou's brand touch points need to be fully upgraded to maintain a unified brand image. An emphasis on a people-oriented consumer experience, combined with the new brand image and brand communication core, we have updated the CouCou menu in hope to make consumers experience the new CouCou.


The innovative model of CouCou hot pot with tea break is unique in the hot pot industry, and tea beverages, as a profitable growth point for the brand, should be separated from the menu. The combination of hot pot and tea break should be emphasized to enhance the promotion of tea beverages.

CouCou tea menu

Behind the scenes of CouCou brand images photoshoot

From in-depth analysis of the brand strategy, to the transformation of the brand strategy into a visual experience, and the overall implementation of the brand image recognition system, consumers not only feel the value the brand hopes to convey, but also helps to increase the brand identity and pave the way for the subsequent international development.



At present, consumers’ demand tend to be diversified, and the operating environment of the market is also changing rapidly. Brand innovation is the driving force for the sustainable development of the brand. The only way to maintain brand vitality is to think forward the path of brand development and lay out in advance before the brand aged. Therefore, only by continuously optimizing the brand image through brand strategy can the vitality of the brand continues.

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