Tuntex - Technological to Brand Experience Innovation

Tuntex - From technological innovation to brand experience innovation

When China’s manufacturing industry faces major shifts from "Made in China" to "Product from China", enterprises must not only invest in R&D but also adapt to market competition, and transform businesses’ core operation to one that focuses on innovation, one that creates brand value.


Tuntex has 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality carpet tile, and advantages in technology, R&D, and production. They wish workingimages could help them to transform from the master of manufacturing to the direction of brand innovation. Through rediscovering the value of the brand, in-depth dialogue with operators, and research on the market, competitors, and users, we started to revitalize a 50-year-old company.


We worked with stakeholders from different departments and uses design thinking toolkits to help Tuntex sort out the essential elements of a brand:

  • Brand vision, value and mission
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand personality, tone and style
  • User experience
  • Design task plan


After mapping out the core values, we help to formulate an effective brand strategy so that all brand's related behaviors, actions, and communication methods clearly move around company’s value, and build a Tuntex brand experience (Brand Experience) that clearly convey brand connotation at every touch point, showing its competitive advantage and unique value proposition.

We started a series of design for the brand and prepare for its new product launch. Through months of efforts designing and revising, Tuntex’s transformation has successfully drawn industry attention at its new product launch in March 2019.


Countless examples tell us that a successful brand speaks in one coherent tone. Whether online or offline, it must convey a consistent brand message. Technological innovation and brand experience innovation will become more and more important to the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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Tuntex - Technological to Brand Experience Innovation

When China’s manufacturing industry faces major shifts from "Made in China" to "Product from China", enterprises must not only invest in R&D but also adapt to market competition.

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