EAMUS – Connect Strangers through Music

EAMUS – Connect strangers through music

Market positioning, user analysis and brand positioning


I first met David and Eagen at a seafood restaurant. What impresses me is that although David has a full set of gray hair, he still speaks and moves in a handsome manner. Eagen is more like a gentle young man. I was surprised to find out that the 2 unique people are father and son. Although father and son sometimes complain about one another, I can clearly see that they respect each other's differences. They are more like best friends. David shared his entrepreneurial process and experience with us. From his young days working in Hong Kong alone, he gradually established a great team that developed into the current scale. For David who has has been very successful in his career, he knows that entrepreneurship in this era must begin with the brand, and he encourages and supports Eagen to pursue his own goals. So with such innovative genes, Eamus takes the birth of the brand as the starting point, and step by step embarks on the road of business.


EAMUS focuses on developing smart music products, hoping to make it easy for everyone to share music. Working images was responsible from the initial market positioning and user analysis, to brand positioning, brand naming, and brand image design. The project took nearly six months to complete.

Brand VI image design


After the completion of the entire brand design and planning, from strategy, positioning, naming, trademark registration to VI design, immediately we successfully received orders from Europe. This is a great encouragement for the teams of Eamus and Working image. It is a great affirmation especially to Working image who has always regard consumer brand as their own brand. Thus, it will be our greatest achievement when a consumer brand and product are recognized by users and the market.

Innovative product development and design


By participating in international exhibitions, Eamus brand has been successfully introduced to many buyers in different markets thoughout a year of it’s brand development. In 2019, it successfully developed an innovative music product, EAMUS Verto. David, with many years of European and American experience, is responsible for product channels and marketing. Eagen who is full of creativity, is responsible for the product design. By analyzing the needs of the market and users, he and his team have jointly created an intelligent music player with headphones and audio functions. Eamus verto has many functions. It's not only a great earphone, but also a portable speaker through simple flipping. You can use it like a traditional headset, or you can play music loudly and enjoy it with others. What's more, the product is also synchronized with a suspended wireless charging accessory.


As always, Working images is concerned about the development and rhythm of our client’s brand and has been working together with the client to ensure the brand’s sustainable operation.

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EAMUS – Connect Strangers through Music

EAMUS focuses on developing smart music products, hoping to make it easy for everyone to share music. Working images was responsible from the initial market positioning.

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